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About CDIC

At the Cyber Defense and Intelligence Center, we are committed to fortifying the digital world by pioneering comprehensive research in cybersecurity and cybercrime.
We engage in the development of cutting-edge educational programs, foster robust workforce development, and cultivate strategic alliances across public and private spheres.
Through our focused exhibits and research projects, we strive to ignite a widespread passion for technological innovation, underscored by a deep respect for ethical practices.
Our vigilant eye on emergent threats and dedication to promoting robust safety measures stand as a bulwark protecting the integrity of our digital future.

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The mission of the Cyber Defense and Intelligence Center (CDIC) is to proactively protect and defend our digital frontiers against cyber threats, continuously cultivate intelligence on emerging risks, and foster a resilient cyber ecosystem. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge cyber defense strategies, comprehensive threat analysis, and collaborative intelligence sharing to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information systems. We strive to empower stakeholders with actionable insights and foster an environment of continuous learning and innovation, staying ahead in an ever-evolving cyber landscape. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and teamwork, the CDIC aims to be a beacon of trust and a guardian of safe cyber operations for our community and beyond.


Empowering a resilient digital society by pioneering unparalleled cyber defense strategies and actionable intelligence to predict, prevent, and prevail over evolving cyber and physical threats.

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